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What is execution? The simple definition is: to complete the work by quality and quantity. The strength of execution reflects the management level of a unit, and it is reflected in the mental outlook of all employees. It affects the work of each department and every link.

First, a high sense of responsibility is the basis of execution

The basis of doing things is the responsibility of the people, and whether the task is performed and completed well is also the embodiment of responsibility. If a person only holds the idea of "doing nothing, hang high", a simpler thing can't be done well.

Second, effective execution is a work attitude

Effective execution is a good working attitude, the most basic working condition that all staff should have, and the concept and dedication of treating their work throughout the whole process.

High execution is a working habit

The power of habit is enormous. "Good habits can make a person, bad habits can destroy a person's life." Therefore, a high degree of execution is a guarantee of success and the most fundamental measure to achieve self-worth. Habits can not be formed in a day or two. Keeping a sense of responsibility, basic work attitude and high execution ability at a time slowly form a work habit.

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