HiGlue 55 160M

• Alternative to the usual pipe sealant, hemp and tape; • Sealing household and industrial piping systems immediately during assembly (regardless of temperature); • Can be safely and confidently used with drinking water or waste water (hot or cold), gas or compressed air.

Product Description:

Thread sealing cord is a new, faster, more versatile pipe sealant which out-dates traditional tapes and hemp/paste combinations. It instantly seals (irrespective of ambient temperature) domestic and industrial pipe systems during assembly. Can be safely and confidently used with drinking or waste water (hot or cold), gas, compressed air, and industrial oils. Supplied in a handy, pocket sized, protective container complete with built in cutter. 


Product Features:

  • Each cord is consist of more than 200 fibers, much stronger and better sealing effect than PTFE tape.

  • Cord shall have good wetting properties, which is necessary for adhesion to metalic surface. Also high adhesive strength, penetration no leak and outstanding tensile strength. 

  • White paste is safe, eco-friendly, no worry when have some on hand, when use it. 

  • It's application to all kinds of metal and plastic pipe thread sealing, with advantages like wearproof, good elasticity, high&low temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, hard to be cut by thread teeth, etc...

  • Certificates: CE EN 751-2, TEMPERATURE, BS 6920, MSDS, TDS.

  • Temperature: -55°C~ +180°C.

  • Size: 20~160m. 



1. Oxygen, petroleum gas, natural gas pipeline and valve installtion.

2. Public and household plumbing (cold weather, hot weather and heating.)

3. Industrial production (pump, valve and pipe joint etc...)

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